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The Longest Left

The Surf Lessons Bali team have been working hard to put together a special package for our customers. A roadtrip to the beautiful west coast of Bali where there's a beautiful beach and fantastic left hand break - Medewi.

This gorgeous black sand (and clearly rocks) beach has a thriving local fishing community a laid back vibe and thankfully, a quiet atmosphere bereft of the crazy pubs / clubs and tourist traps of the more southern surf spots. On a clear day you can see the outline of the neighbouring island of Java. In recent years the roads and bridges have received a well earned improvement. Traffic can be heavy at times due to the route being used for road freight over ferries between Java and Bali - however there is some amazing scenery on the way with rice paddies hugging the rolling hillsides and the road winding around the coast and beaches of the Jembrana region.


About that left....

When the swell is working, the tide wraps around the rocks at the southern end of the beach producing a sweet wave perfect for a goofy carve. Build enough speed over a few turns to propel yourself to the next section where the wave transforms and speeds up as it breaks again on the rocks closer to the shore presenting sharper lips for some cutbacks. If you're lucky, the swell will push you further and you can continue your ride all the way and look forward to a long walk back along the black sand.

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