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Is surfing the ultimate fitness solution?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

All too often we have trouble motivating ourselves to exercise. Whether that is getting off the couch, turning off Netflix and going for a run or getting in the car and going to the gym.

All these things become barriers to getting some exercise - not to mention, they can be really boring! Swimming laps in a pool or clocking over that next virtual hill on a treadmill in a smelly airconditioned gym is not necessarily a welcoming experience.

Enter surfing.... What other form of exercise is low impact (it's water after all!), gets you out into nature and gives you an exhilarating workout to boot!

The sheer level of physical athleticism elite surfers maintain is unbelievable. Not that we all can aspire to such lofty heights - but have you ever seen a 3 sesh a week surfer that is overweight or unfit? It's a full body workout.

What kind of physical activity does surfing encourage?


Paddling itself can be an intense upper body workout - and that's before you catch any waves! Some far more experienced surfers than myself have commented that the majority of our time in the water, up to 85%, is paddling. We are paddlers that catch the odd wave. Rotating our shoulders, traps and upper body is a great way to reduce tightness from sitting and typing at a desk for too long.

Popping up

Duck diving

Just being in the ocean

Plenty of opportunities to exercise your body and mind surfing. Come join us for a surf - it doesn't matter if it's your first time in the water or you're at intermediate level. It's always a good idea to surf with a buddy. Contact us now to arrange a session.

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